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My philosophy, thoughts and principles.

Why do some people have disposable income, but others don’t?

What I wrote in May

2nd May – Planning A Fantasy World – #MayWriteABit

1st May – What I May Write – #MayWriteABit

My submission to the Anglia Square PGN consultation


Speech against Devolution – 28th June 2016

Brand(ed) as a politician

Norwich Against Tax Dodging

My Endorsement: Vote Green in the Euros

Another subprime mortgage crisis waiting to happen?

Speech on Castle Mall 5th December 2013

Planning Committee – 10th October 2013

Full Council – 24th September 2013

No payday loan advertising on Council property, please

Planning Committee – 12th September 2013

Norwich Early Evening Events

Planning Committee – 25th July 2013

Full Council – 23rd July 2013

My first speech at Full Council

Briefing: Monetary Reform

Chain Consuming or Systems Thinking?


Funding change

Review: You are not a gadget

New Years Resolution: New Blog Posts Every Monday

Bonuses for purchasing?

Transition Computer Games

Why the Olympics were good but bank bailouts were bad

How do humans evaluate?