In September 2006, I started a university course at the University of Leeds. In late June 2011, I received the results for my final project, and graduated in July with a first class honours MEng and BEng in Architectural Engineering.

Architectural Engineering is a multi-disciplinary degree including aspects of structural engineering, building services engineering and architecture.  There were modules on structural analysis, materials, thermal properties of buildings, fluid dynamics, geotechnics, lighting, architectural history, architectural design, air conditioning and refrigeration design and a particularly interesting one called International Public Health, which was basically about toilets!

However, my course wasn’t just about the degree.  In fact, I was determined right from the start that I would get involved in clubs, societies and musical groups, which I very much did!

I co-founded the Jazz and Blues Society, which I was Secretary of for three years, and was involved in organising some great events with them. I was secretary and musical director of the Leeds A Cappella Singers for a year.  I was also involved in numerous other societies, including Ultimate Frisbee, the music society choir (LUUMS choir), Arts Society, Enterprise Society, Swing Dance Society (Swing Soc) and went along to Dancesport lessons occasionally too.

I spent my third year in the USA, where I studied at Penn State University. During this year, I did a module (course, as Americans call it) on CAD, and another on lighting design, amongst many others.  I again got involved in clubs and societies, like the university Glee Club and even started a new a cappella group called Blue in the FACE. Here’s their Youtube channel.

I am the very model of a modern general majorer!

Final Year University Project

Portfolio: CAD