Final Year University Project

Those who know me well will know that in the month or two leading up to last week, I was a social recluse as my final year project neared its deadline.  I’m proud of the result, and rather than try to explain it in words, here’s what it actually looks like!

Temple Newsam Darwin Centre

The model itself is made in Google Sketchup, and is meticulously organised into layers, components and groups so that I can isolate any particular part of it, like the structure of the research centre, for example:

Temple Newsam Darwin Centre Research Structure

To give the the building a unique appearance, I included “fins” along the façade, made of timber (glulam).  This means that light is reflected into the space, rather than direct, which prevents distracting solar glare, and also reduces solar gain, and therefore overheating, in the summer.

Facade Fins

I had to produce a whole array of A1 drawings of the finished building.  I used LayOut (part of Google Sketchup Pro) to produce these.  Here is the elevations drawing, as submitted.

Temple Newsam Darwin Centre Elevations

There is a great deal more to the project than these few images, but that can be saved for another post, eh?