Pickles’ Plan for Planning

According to the Planning Portal, the Home Builders Federation has warned that policy uncertainties could lead to housing shortages.  I think the point is, that it could lead to the slowing of mass housing production. This, I would say, is a good thing.  Housing suppliers will have to look to the alternatives, which I consider much better:

  1. Ensuring that existing stock is actually what people want and possibly regenerating that so that buyers’ needs are catered for.
  2. Building new developments that the local residents and councils want, which may be large housing estates, if there seems to be demand for it, but may be small developments that are sensitive and in balance with the current development of the area.
  3. Redeveloping failing office developments (wherever I go I seem to pass innumerable “office to let” signs!) into apartments.
  4. Projects that take derelict houses and redevelop them.
  5. Building new developments and plans via the enquiry by design method, where communities feel involved in what’s going on and will therefore be willing to allow developments, even quite large changes, on certain conditions.

All of those, I would say, provide much better quality, cater to more of the community, and create a longer lasting satisfaction for the community than the ugly and dislocated housing developments of the current climate.

I’m with you, Mr Pickles!