Full Council – 24th September 2013

September’s full council meeting was quite a big one for me. The Green Party were putting three motions, one of which I was proposing, as well as numerous questions. The full agenda (including motion texts) can be found here.

I heard the Lord Mayor’s announcements and voted to agree the minutes of the last meeting.

I followed up the written answer I had received from the cabinet member for housing to my question, on the topic of housing upgrades being promised in 2011 and still not being fulfilled, with a supplementary question asking why the cabinet member was not aware of these cases. In his written answer, he claims that no such cases exist, but Green councillors did confirm that there are a number of cases like this which have given to a variety of responses from the council.

We heard the treasury management annual report.

I voted to approve changes to the capital plan for the “Push the Pedalways” project, which aims to improve cycle networks within the city. This decision passed.

The Norfolk Pension Fund motion was taken in parts, both of which fell.  I voted in favour of both.

I proposed a motion on Pay Day Loan Company Advertising.  More details can be found here (including my speech). The motion was carried unanimously.

I voted for a Green motion which was in opposition to shale gas extraction in Norwich. The motion was carried.

I voted for a Green motion requiring that communities should be consulted before pubs may be converted for certain other uses. The motion was carried.