Return of the Heads?

I haven’t finally decided yet, but I’m thinking of re-establishing Head Row when I return to Leeds next year.  It would be a completely new set of men and I may or may not sing with the group during performances, since when it continues, I won’t be there beyond next year.

I have a selection of suitable music which has been passed down to me or has somehow found its way into my possession, but I was thinking that it would be really nice to do new arrangements or even absolutely new pieces.  The repertoire wouldn’t be confined to the strict barbershop style but would branch out to various popular a cappella music styles.

If you’re a University of Leeds student who is interested in singing in an all-male light music group of between 6 and 8 members, please leave a comment.  I would expect members to be able to read music competently and members who can arrange music or have other skills that they can bring to the group would really help too.